Looks Like GotG 3 is Setting Stage For Beloved Character's Death

Looks Like GotG 3 is Setting Stage For Beloved Character's Death
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hands off our favorite raccoon!

Thursday marked a great day for the Guardians of the Galaxy fans as the new trailer for Volume 3 arrived, but good news was quickly overshadowed by how dark the future looks for the most beloved character in the franchise.

As impossible as it seems for Marvel to spoil a major death in the trailer, every clue in the video actually points to Rocket being about to face something really tragic in the upcoming movie.

All these "Pete, I'm done running", "we'll all fly away together one last time" and childhood flashabacks — not mentioning that there seems to be an actual death scene with medical tubes in the trailer — have really got fans worried.

"Does anyone else feel like Marvel is making Rocket dying so obvious that it's actually not going to happen at all? I'm trying to cope," geek influencer Matt Ramos wondered.

From the first look at Baby Rocket to what might as well be his final words, fans are really fearing for Rocket's life. Some people already threaten to boycott MCU if Rocket dies, or even demand that Starlord goes instead of the iconic raccoon.

Although the suspense is strong enough already, fans will have to wait for a couple more months until they know what actually happens to Rocket in the new movie. Aside from being immensely concerned for the raccoon, fans believe that James Gunn 's film is going to be "a good laugh and a good cry" which will be "wrapped in beautiful images and music".

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 hits US theaters on May 5, 2023.