Looks Like We Will Be Getting a Completely Renewed Dante in Fast & Furious 11

Looks Like We Will Be Getting a Completely Renewed Dante in Fast & Furious 11
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Is there a way to make him an even better villain?

Fast & Furious X gave fans a lot to discuss. With all the mixed reviews, there was something that actually made fans enjoy the movie. Well, not something, but rather someone.

It turns out that the only character in the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise that fans actually enjoyed was Jason Momoa's Dante.

Reddit users shared a lot of thoughts, generally claiming that Dante is actually the best villain the franchise has ever offered.

“What I liked is that Dante had everything planned out from the get go. And he wasn’t giving Dom no time to get back up on his feet to recover. I’ve never seen Dom look so hopeless before watching chaos unfold around him, while losing his friends & family. That’s why I think Dante was really really really good for this one,” Redditor SeaworthinessAdept98 said.

But the movie’s director Louis Leterrier recently revealed that he is going to change Momoa’s character in the next Fast & Furious movie. Leterrier mentioned that Dante is going to evolve in some way.

After his introduction to the movie it became obvious that something new is going to happen to the main plot.

In a new interview with Empire, Leterrier hints at a new direction for Momoa's villain.

“He was fueled by vengeance. He could have played it dark, angry. But it was interesting to play with the duality and the push-pull within the character, where within the same sentence he’s laughing and feels the pain of losing everything,” he said in the interview.

As he also mentioned, nobody else but Momoa could have made Dante such a complex character. So now the filmmaker is ready to explore his other sides.

Although after this revelation, fans started to worry if these changes will be appropriate for this fun and cheeky villain. Seeing him as a serious, old-school bad guy is not what fans want.

Source: Empire