'Madame Web' Fan Theory Suggests Mysterious Threat to Peter Parker

'Madame Web' Fan Theory Suggests Mysterious Threat to Peter Parker
Image credit: Legion-Media

Earlier, rumors claimed that the plot of the upcoming Sony movie will include some time travel.

With 'Madame Web ' continuing to garner star names into its cast, new leaks appear, suggesting that the plot of the movie will be focused on Madame Web sending three Spider-Women back in time to protect the unborn Peter Parker from some kind of a mysterious threat.

The said Spider-Women, according to the rumors, are Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter, and Mattie Franklin. But what – or who – could be behind the "mysterious threat"? Well, fans on Reddit believe that it is about the fourth Spider-Woman, who is named Charlotte Witter.

In the comics, Witter is Madame Web's granddaughter once captured by Doctor Octopus and turned into a villain. The makeover was so successful that she ended up snatching the powers of the three Spider-Women – even though Mattie manages to get hers back.

It's likely that Sony will change the comic arc and adapt the story for the movie – if, of course, the fan theory is correct and Charlotte Witter is in fact the one who threatens Peter Parker. The three Spider-Women could end up having to face off their counterpart in order to follow Madame Web's instructions and make sure that Peter Parker is born and survives.

Sony remains tight-lipped regarding 'Madame Web' plot details. The movie stars Dakota Johnson in the titular role, as well as Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott, Celeste O'Connor, and Emma Roberts.

The Spider-Man spinoff is due to hit big screens on October 6, 2023.