'Madame Web' Fan Theory Suggests Mysterious Threat to Peter Parker

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Earlier, rumors claimed that the plot of the upcoming Sony movie will include some time travel.

With 'Madame Web' continuing to garner star names into its cast, new leaks appear, suggesting that the plot of the movie will be focused on Madame Web sending three Spider-Women back in time to protect the unborn Peter Parker from some kind of a mysterious threat.

The said Spider-Women, according to the rumors, are Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter, and Mattie Franklin. But what – or who – could be behind the "mysterious threat"? Well, fans on Reddit believe that it is about the fourth Spider-Woman, who is named Charlotte Witter.

In the comics, Witter is Madame Web's granddaughter once captured by Doctor Octopus and turned into a villain. The makeover was so successful that she ended up snatching the powers of the three Spider-Women – even though Mattie manages to get hers back.

It's likely that Sony will change the comic arc and adapt the story for the movie – if, of course, the fan theory is correct and Charlotte Witter is in fact the one who threatens Peter Parker. The three Spider-Women could end up having to face off their counterpart in order to follow Madame Web's instructions and make sure that Peter Parker is born and survives.

Sony remains tight-lipped regarding 'Madame Web' plot details. The movie stars Dakota Johnson in the titular role, as well as Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott, Celeste O'Connor, and Emma Roberts.

The Spider-Man spinoff is due to hit big screens on October 6, 2023.

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