Madame Web Opening Weekend: Is It A Comeback Or A Complete Disaster?

Madame Web Opening Weekend: Is It A Comeback Or A Complete Disaster?
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The clairvoyant has nothing on the vampire scientist, especially not the money… Who would’ve guessed we’d use Morbius as a movie release guideline one day?


  • Dakota Johnson ’s Madame Web was off to a rough start right at the release.
  • The movie has lower scores and revenue than Jared Leto ’s notorious Morbius.
  • On its domestic opening, Madame Web earned just $15M against Morbius’s $39M.

Immediately after its release, Madame Web went flying down the movie ranking and banging its head on every step of the way. From having a terrible score to earning a measly amount of money on its first day, things were looking terrible for Dakota Johnson’s newest outing, but we were patiently waiting for the opening weekend to see whether the tables would turn and the movie would be saved.

Well, now it’s safe to say that didn’t happen.

Madame Web Makes Morbius Shine In Comparison

Remember when Jared Leto’s infamous vampire wannabe superhero movie came out and became the meme? It was relaunched twice in the theaters in the hopes of it attracting more people after gaining the Internet notoriety and managed to bomb thrice thanks to that. Truly, Morbius was one of the movies of all time, amirite?

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Well, we’ve been using Morbius as a guideline for Madame Web, and it never worked in the latter’s favor so far, which pretty much tells you all you need to know.

When it comes to the Rotten Tomatoes scores, Madame Web sits at 13 and 43% Critic and Audience Score, respectively, as of the time of writing. In the meantime, Morbius is feeling lush and comfy in comparison with its 15 and 64%, respectively. The first-day earnings didn’t fare better either, with Madame Web earning just $6M against Morbius’s $17.3M.

Madame Web Bombs On The Opening Weekend

Against all odds, we were unwilling to bury Dakota Johnson’s first superhero endeavor and patiently waited for its opening weekend haul. Now, with all due respect, we require a shovel, because the numbers are not just underwhelming; they are downright horrendous even compared to Morbius, let alone Sony’s finest.

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During its domestic opening, Madame Web has earned just over $15M against a budget of somewhere under $100M, as reported by Variety. In the meantime, Morbius had a domestic opening haul of over $39M against its seemingly more modest production budget of $75M. The numbers speak for themselves, really.

But consider the following. If you watched Madame Web and, like many others, noticed that Dakota Johnson looked like she’d rather be elsewhere, it’s likely because it was true: there are reasons to believe that the movie’s lead actress, alongside her colleagues, was tricked into thinking she’d join the MCU.

Source: Variety