Madelaine Petsch Feared This Riverdale Moment Would Be a Meme, But No One Cared

Madelaine Petsch Feared This Riverdale Moment Would Be a Meme, But No One Cared
Image credit: The CW

That would only add to the show's publicity.

Some people live and breathe to gain more popularity on the Internet. No matter how successful you are at what you do, the web can take you to a whole other level of recognition by going viral on various social media sites. Whether it's for your actual talent or for something funny that got taken out of context and turned into a meme, it doesn't matter.

For the members of the Riverdale cast, who work on the campiest teen show on television, becoming a meme must feel like another Tuesday. The show that has been so widely discussed, criticized, and talked about on the Internet has been memed more than you can imagine.

But some of the moments some of the actors had to film were so absurd that they feared they would go viral on the day the episode premiered.

For example, Madelaine Petsch, who played Cheryl Blossom, was really scared that her scene paying homage to Scarlet Witch would become the next trending joke on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter). The actress recalled the moment in the latest cast group interview with Vulture.

The scene in question is the finale of season 6 of the show, where Cheryl single-handedly saves Riverdale from the comet that is headed straight for the town. Luckily, with all of her supernatural powers combined, she manages to stop the comet in a way very similar to how MCU 's Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch does her job.

Cheryl wears similar clothes, flies into the sky in a similar manner, and uses her palms to generate power. While you can see how a moment like this could have easily been picked up by the Internet and ripped to shreds, that wasn't the case. Petsch's concerns turned out to be unfounded, and the moment didn't get any hate at all.

If you want to see what twists the Riverdale finale has in store for its fans, you can tune in to the CW next Wednesday, August 23.

Source: Vulture