Maestro Can Never Compare to 80%-Rated Heartbreaking Biopic Netflix Drops Next Week

Maestro Can Never Compare to 80%-Rated Heartbreaking Biopic Netflix Drops Next Week
Image credit: Netflix

Here comes another story proving that behind every great man there’s a great woman.


  • After Maestro’s public success, Netflix is going to add the 2014 biographical drama, which was a back-then critical and commercial success.
  • It follows a story of the renowned physicist and his wife, supporting him in his scientific research in the obstacles of the severe diagnosis.

Given the Oscar fever coming to its end, every fan of biographical romantic dramas has already seen Maestro, Bradley Cooper ’s masterpiece, telling a story of the relationship between composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife Felicia Montealegre. At the same time, there is another great movie of the same genre that will land on Netflix soon.

Despite its centering on the genius of a drastically different sphere of work, their plots really share the same line of their development. The given accoladed movie, in its turn, features the relationship between the famous scientist and his supportive muse, who was always near him in both his rises and falls, including the severe disease.

The movie’s story revolves around a young theoretical physicist in his academic struggle and strong denial of God, caused by the assumption that everything can be scientifically explained. He meets a literature student girl, coming from a Christian family, with whom they mutually fall in love and start sharing their aspirations, troubles and life together.

The real struggle commences when they acknowledge the man’s serious motor neuron disease, which makes him gradually lose all sense of control of his motor skills, interfering with his growing success in astrophysics. In spite of all the tragic obstacles, his wife stays with him and manages to raise their children and not to give him up.

Yes, we’re talking about the Oscar-winning 2014 biopic about the life of the accomplished Stephen Hawking, who was the first to set out a theory of cosmology explained by a union of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

The brilliantly made movie, titled The Theory of Everything, stars Eddie Redmayne in the role of the scientist, which brought him an Academy Award, and Felicity Jones as his ex-wife, Jane Hawking. Their acting duo was such a great casting decision, that it received lots of praise.

“I forgot that they were actors, not Stephen and Jane themselves <...> in part due to their natural and genuine chemistry,” admits Redditor @sharwk.

Besides, directed by James Marsh, the film is often praised for its cinematic code with its remarkable work with colors and visual symbolism and for its uplifting and tender nature, which can inspire you to value your close ones and the efforts they put for you.

The Theory of Everything will be available on Netflix on April 1.