Margot Robbie Got All the Blame For Her Box Office Flop With 32% Tomatometer

Margot Robbie Got All the Blame For Her Box Office Flop With 32% Tomatometer
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Even the star-packed cast that accompanied Robbie couldn’t save it from a big failure.


  • Margot Robbie has become one of the top actresses in Hollywood over the recent years, and though most of her films are nothing but a stunning success, she still has some major flops in her filmography.
  • Robbie’s 2022 movie starred a huge amount of Hollywood’s most prominent actors, but still didn’t avoid becoming a box office fiasco and a critical failure.
  • Some started claiming that it was Robbie who was to blame for the film’s failed performance, but others came to the actress’s defense pointing out the fact that she didn’t even have the first leading role.

Margot Robbie is now one of Hollywood’s top actresses that seem to never fail in their career choices. Having started her acting path with a tremendous role in Martin Scorsese ’s The Wolf of Wall Street alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Robbie cemented her status of a top-tier actress thanks to films like Suicide Squad, I, Tonya, and Quentin Tarantino ’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Greta Gerwig’s recent hit Barbie came as one more proof that Margot Robbie’s career as an actress and producer never disappoints, at least when it comes to Hollywood’s major projects with an immense budget — but there seems to be one big exception in Robbie’s successful trend.

Back in 2022, Margot Robbie got into an untypical situation when her mystery comedy thriller Amsterdam was released. The film became the first work for David O. Russel since his critically acclaimed Joy released in 2015; apart from the proclaimed director, Amsterdam could boast of a truly star-studded cast that, except for Robbie, included Christian Bale, John David Washington, Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldaña, Rami Malek, Robert De Niro, and even Taylor Swift.

Despite all the high expectations from a seemingly promising movie, Amsterdam turned out to be a total disaster for everyone involved. The film managed to gross only $31 million against $80 million of the initial budget which resulted in its studio’s disheartening losses of more than $100 million.

On top of that, Amsterdam wasn’t lucky enough even for at least a bit of critical acclaim and ended up with a miserable 32% on Rotten Tomatoes, despite the viewers’ pretty decent score of 62%.

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And while Margot Robbie didn’t even portray the main character as it was Christian Bale who was leading the cast, she still got all the blame for Amsterdam’s poor performance in the box office and with critics.

As one X user explained, Robbie alone was to blame because she supposedly brought with her some kind of curse from the set of her previous movie, Damien Chazelle’s epic drama Babylon, that also got to be a huge failure in the box office.

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Thus, according to such logic, the actress was the only one who starred in both flops which raises a thought whether she was the one that added Amsterdam to her run of bad luck.

To everyone’s relief, some users retorted to this theory interceding for Robbie and saying that it’s time for male leading actors and directors to finally own up to the fact that it’s not always a female lead that dooms the film.