Marvel Just Doesn't Need This Many TV Shows, But Disney is Unstoppable Now

Marvel Just Doesn't Need This Many TV Shows, But Disney is Unstoppable Now
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Yes, more Disney Plus shows are coming even though no one specifically asked for those.

Marvel appears to be delving in the world of Wakanda, with multiple Wakanda-related spinoffs currently being in development, according to Variety.

It is currently unclear what exactly will the spinoffs be about, but earlier speculations suggested that there are at least two shows. One is reportedly focused on the Kingdom of Wakanda and another explores the origin of Danai Gurira's Okoye.

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Besides, there is also Ironheart coming, with Riri Williams already being connected to Wakanda in the upcoming second Black Panther installment.

However, instead of a wave of enthusiasm, the news about multiple spinoffs was met with skepticism. According to fans, Marvel might finally want to focus on quality and not quantity, and there has been just enough Disney Plus MCU shows as of now.

One fan admitted they were okay with one spinoff, but the idea of multiple projects related to Wakanda seems to be pointless from the start.

Another fan dryly noted that Marvel should resort to just special presentations and not bombard Disney Plus with more shows.

According to people, MCU is "losing its charm" because of so much content — especially in the wake of the said content not always garnering exclusively good reviews from fans and critics.

However, Marvel is yet to officially announce the Wakanda spinoffs and provide plot and cast details. Meanwhile, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever hits theaters on November 11, wrapping up MCU's Phase Four.