Marvel Looks For "Director Like Sam Raimi" For 'Fantastic Four', And Fans Have an Obvious Solution

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Sam Raimi's big comeback to Marvel superhero movies turned out to be a great success for 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness', so the studio seems to be on track to doing something similar.

Marvel's one and only Kevin Feige seems to be taking his time with the choice of director for 'Fantastic Four' reboot, and it may be a big name, according to Justin Kroll, a Deadline reporter, who shared the info on Twitter.

"While no names have surfaced, multiple sources say while it's a large mix of candidates, Feige and company are taking a lot of shots at some big names," Kroll wrote. "One source close to [the] process [said], 'Kevin doesn't want [to] oversee [the] entire shoot, and after not having to worry about that with Raimi, he is very game [for the] same outcome with this shoot.'"

Fans were quite surprised to read that, immediately suggesting that if Marvel wants to repeat Sam Raimi's success, then the studio should go for Raimi once again.

However, many people were quick to note that 'Multiverse of Madness' was not a perfect movie – even though its flaws are largely agreed to be the result of Michael Waldron's screenwriting, not Sam Raimi's directing.

Some people suggested that the fact the studio is now looking for someone like Raimi might indicate his refusal to sign up for 'Fantastic Four', even though it has never been officially confirmed.

Or maybe it was the studio that took issue with Raimi.

Many people were head over heels in love with how Raimi directed 'Multiverse of Madness', noting that his creative take "saved" the movie from being "horrendous". Following the Doctor Strange sequel's premiere in May, fans have been rallying for Raimi to come back to direct another Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire – something that the director hinted he might even be up to.

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