Marvel Wants to Take 'Deadpool 3' To a New Level, And Fans Know How to Do It

Marvel Wants to Take 'Deadpool 3' To a New Level, And Fans Know How to Do It
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After all, this is the end of a trilogy we're talking about.

Part threes have always been notoriously big and ambitious at Marvel. With 'Deadpool 3 ', Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige does not plan to scale down at all. On the contrary, he wants the third 'Deadpool' movie to live up to the standards that such trequels as 'Infinity War ', 'Civil War', 'Ragnarok' and the others have set.

It seems that fans are on board with the ambition. In fact, they are more than ready to help Feige with some ideas for how the movie should be spiced up in order to finalize the trilogy with a bang.

One of the answers might be cameos. A lot of them, although it's going to be difficult enough to surpass 'Multiverse of Madness' and its assortment of superheroes.

"Yes, dear & beloved Mr Feige sir, here's how to achieve that level and surpass it: add Daredevil, Spidey, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and throw in a couple of the previous X-Men in the mix. Maybe have a Moon Knight cameo? You can surprise us with the rest." – @BlueBoy8000

Many fans crave to see Deadpool joined by Spider-Man and Daredevil. Now that we're in the Multiverse Saga, such a meet-up might be absolutely possible.

A concerning number of people really want to see an adaptation of the storyline from the comics where Deadpool embarks on a bloody mission to take down every single one of Marvel's most famous characters. However, adapting 'Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe' comic book series might prove too big of a task for the studio, especially with at least two big ensemble movies planned already.

Some people think that the magic of 'Deadpool' movies is not about the studio, cameos, and not even the storyline – but rather about the actor who started it all. "Let Ryan Reynolds so whatever he wants. Done," fans suggest on Twitter.

That's fair enough, given how much effort Ryan Reynolds has put into the franchise.

With the 'Deadpool 3' premiere date yet to be announced, Marvel has confirmed that the movie will be R-rated: a move that essentially marks the studio's first-ever movie with "adult" rating. Now that alone is historical enough for the trequel to rise and shine in the MCU – but it seems that we should brace for many more surprises.