Marvel Will Introduce Silver Surfer into the MCU With a Special

Marvel Will Introduce Silver Surfer into the MCU With a Special
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Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, and the formats of this expansion also are expanding.

Instead of introducing new characters to the universe with their own movies, or several-episode series, Marvel had recently started using "special presentations" on Disney+. These are mini-films, longer than a standard Disney+ series episode, but shorter than a full feature film, and with production values more typical for the former, than for the latter.

Such presentations benefit less-known characters, who might deserve their own spin-offs, but who might be seen as too obscure and not sufficiently popular to get a whole series, never mind their own film, right away.

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The first of those special presentations to introduce new people to MCU was Marvel's Werewolf By Night. And by now The Cosmic Circus has information about planned special presentations for Disney+ dedicated to "cosmic" Marvel characters, including Nova and the Silver Surfer being in the works.

The Nova corps had already played a (relatively small) role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the Silver Surfer is a newcomer. He is one of the more important characters from the cosmic side of Marvel, but so far there was not a hint of him in MCU.

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This is not surprising, as the Silver Surfer is a Herald of Galactus, and Galactus is a powerful planet-eating being, who played the roles of both a major antagonist and a situational ally in Marvel comics. Galactus and his heralds might have been kept entirely away from MCU so far due to being saved for the role of overarching villains for another saga.

But given that Kang the Conqueror seems to be the most likely candidate to play this role in the ongoing Multiverse Saga, appearance of the Silver Surfer right now might indicate that his master is intended for the role of a "situational ally" instead – but almost certainly not before clashing with the heroes at first.

It is currently rumored that the Silver Surfer special presentation, is going to be released a few months before the premiere of MCU's Fantastic Four in February of 2025. Which most likely means that the Silver Surfer and Galactus are going to reprise their roles as Fantastic Four's antagonists in that film, with the presentation serving as an advertisement for the film.

However, as both the film and the presentation remain in the realm of plans, rather than actual production, for now certain facts about them are few.