MCU Needs To Stop With Pointless Buildups To Win Their Fans Back

MCU Needs To Stop With Pointless Buildups To Win Their Fans Back
Image credit: Marvel Studios

Is there a way to bring back Marvel's golden days?

No matter how much content the MCU produces after the end of the Avengers franchise, it doesn't seem to be resonating with audiences. With so many new characters and concepts being introduced, and so many talented actors joining the cast, the universe should be thriving. Instead, it seems to be failing all the time.

On the bright side, Marvel doesn't have much competition these days. Though James Gunn 's revival of the DCEU was promised to be a runaway success, many viewers ended up being extremely disappointed, so the universe still has a lot of work to do to win back its audience and get in the right shape to compete.

Another universe that could be a potential threat is Mattel's upcoming toy universe, which seems to be growing rapidly after Barbie 's loud marketing campaign and insane box office success. However, it would still take a long time for the universe to develop, so Marvel has to think of its own plan of action.

The issue that seems to have bothered fans of the universe the most in recent years is the lack of a linear storyline. Whether it's the nature of a multiverse where everything is important everywhere at once, but not really at the same time, or just poor strategy, no one understands where the MCU is going.

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The only major event people have been told to look forward to is the Avengers' revival in 2026, but that's neither a sustainable enough strategy nor exciting enough for audiences to stick around. 2026 is still a few years away, and with the ongoing strikes, that date may be pushed further out, so Marvel Studios needs to come up with something sooner.

All the build-up, all the new characters, and all the big concepts and events that have been described in the shows and movies have to lead somewhere. Today, however, it seems that Marvel either forgot to plan anything ahead or decided not to promote it properly.

Whatever it is, one thing is certain. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible before all the viewers are completely gone.