Meredith & Alex Friendship Was The Best One Grey's Anatomy Ever Gave Us

Meredith & Alex Friendship Was The Best One Grey's Anatomy Ever Gave Us
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Over the course of 19 seasons, Grey's Anatomy has featured numerous characters and relationships, but for longtime fans, there's nothing quite as heartwarming as the friendship between the original Season 1 interns.

Many dedicated Grey's Anatomy fans were devastated when Cristina Yang left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for a new job in Switzerland after Season 10.

The character wasn't killed off like many others, but her departure came as a shock to viewers who felt that the friendship between Cristina and Meredith could not be beaten.

However, the show, famous for depicting relationships that viewers just can't get over, managed to give its fans another great friendship that actually started developing long before Cristina's departure. It was the heartwarming relationship between Meredith Grey and Alex Karev.

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Cristina's departure left Alex and Meredith as the only remaining interns from Season 1. Although the characters were already close, this made their friendship even stronger.

Alex felt that Cristina wanted him to keep an eye on Meredith in her absence, and he took the assignment seriously. He constantly showed Meredith his respect and love.

He basically thought of her as family. At times, he even acted like an overprotective older brother, watching who she was seeing and if those people could hurt her in any way.

When Alex thought he was going to prison, his main desire was to spend as much time with Meredith as possible. He became one of the reasons that Meredith was able to recover from the tragic loss of her husband Derek. Even when she pushed people away, Alex stayed close and did his best to support her.

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Meredith was also a good friend to Alex. When she became a problem in his relationship with Jo, Alex defended Meredith by saying how loyal she had been to him for years, even when everyone else left.

And it was true.

From day one on the show, Meredith considered the other interns "her people" and was always on their side. Alex was not always as nice as many viewers thought he was.

In the beginning, he was a real bad boy with a low self-esteem problem. This led him to be rude to people, arrogant with the nurses, and unfaithful to Izzie. But Meredith always saw past that facade. She stood by him and believed in him, which helped him gradually change for the better.