Michael Mann Doesn't Care About Superhero Movies, With One Notable Exception

Michael Mann Doesn't Care About Superhero Movies, With One Notable Exception
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Unlike some of his colleagues, the legendary director is pretty indifferent to superhero movies, but there is one series that really managed to impress him.


  • Many iconic filmmakers have expressed their distaste for superhero movies for a number of reasons
  • But Michael Mann has nothing against them, even though the superhero genre is not his thing.
  • However, there is one exception, as the adventures of Guardians of the Galaxy managed to really impress the director

With a filmmaking career that spans over four decades and includes such outstanding masterpieces as The Last of the Mohicans (1992), Heat (1995), and Collateral (2004), Michael Mann has rightfully become one of the most recognizable directors in Hollywood.

Although some fans believe that he is well past his prime, with some of the filmmaker's recent projects turning out to be rather underwhelming, Mann's most recent work, Ferrari, which just hit theaters, seems to have proven to be a great and complex biopic about the titular founder of the luxury sports car manufacturer.

Considering how "old school" directors express their distaste for modern trends in cinema, especially the never-ending stream of superhero movies, with some of them even being quite vocal about it, one might expect Mann to share similar views on the matter.

However, during his recent appearance on The Discourse podcast, the director was asked about his thoughts on the MCU and the possibility of directing one of the franchise's future installments, and his answer was quite unexpected.

Michael Mann Loves Guardians of the Galaxy Movies

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While Mann explained that he only gets involved with projects he's really passionate about, and that the superhero genre is too far from what he's used to, he has no problem with such movies, even if he's not a fan of them.

But there is one notable exception, as he really enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, especially the first two of the trilogy, and he loves watching them due to the fact that they have an exquisite story structure that works incredibly well.

However, even though Guardians of the Galaxy managed to impress the legendary filmmaker and he mentioned that he actually wants to make a sci-fi movie in the future, Mann explicitly stated that even if he does follow through with his desire, it will definitely not have anything to do with superheroes.

It Is Unlikely That We Will Ever See Anything Like Guardians Again

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Fans appreciate the refreshingly calm statement that doesn't resort to blaming superhero movies for "destroying cinema," as there have been plenty of those in recent years, and point out that Mann has every right to not consider the genre his thing.

While it would have been great to see his take on the hypothetical Guardians of the Galaxy 4, we've seen plenty of examples of why you shouldn't attach a famous director to a project just for the sake of publicity, when in reality they had no real passion for directing the movie.

As for why the James Gunn- directed installments in the MCU resonated with Michael Mann while most others didn't, fans agree that Guardians had a unique feel to them, being more of a Star Wars-like space opera than your typical superhero films.

Unfortunately, the third film was the end of the ragtag team of space heroes, at least in the way we all came to know and love them, as most of the members went their separate ways and were replaced by the newcomers.

Combined with the fact that James Gunn will definitely be preoccupied with his position as head of the DCU for a long time, it is unlikely that even if Guardians were to return to the big screen, it would resonate with audiences in the same way that the first three films did.

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