Michelle Pfeiffer's New Amazon Movie Is a Perfect Home Alone Replacement

Michelle Pfeiffer's New Amazon Movie Is a Perfect Home Alone Replacement
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A new comedy film Oh. What. Fun will show the main character get lost, but not like in Kevin’s case.


  • Michelle Pfeiffer is getting a new leading role in a Christmas comedy film.
  • Michael Showalter, who previously collaborated with Pfeiffer on several projects, will direct and write the new movie.
  • The story will show the main character Claire Clauster who suddenly disappears after her family’s disregard.

Seems like Michelle Pfeiffer is ready to work once again with Michael Showalter — this time highlighting her comedy skills after some of the actress’ recent dramatical roles. The duo is set to collaborate on another project, a comedy drama Oh. What. Fun, which will be produced and released by Amazon MGM.

The plot of the upcoming movie will follow the protagonist Claire Clauster and her mysterious disappearance. On Christmas Eve Claire decides to organize a party for her family, but when her beloved ones silently neglect her idea by being swirled in the flow of their own problems, Claire takes drastic measures — and vanishes, leaving her family bewildered and desperate to reunite with her again.

So far no more other details are known, but something new is expected to pop up when Amazon MGM announces the project officially. While the cast right now includes only Michelle Pfeiffer as the protagonist, it is also clear that Michael Showalter is directing, writing and producing the new film.

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Michelle Pfeiffer in The First Lady

Both Pfeiffer and Showalter have recently been involved in major Hollywood projects. The actress starred in MCU ’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania while also appearing in The First Lady — the series that recounts stories of First Ladies of the United States throughout the years.

Showalter, meanwhile, directed and produced a new romcom The Idea of You with Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Golitzine in leading roles. The film is set to be released on Amazon Prime on May 2, following everyone’s acclaim at festivals.