Mind-Blowing Good Omens Season 2 Detail We All Unfairly Ignored

Mind-Blowing Good Omens Season 2 Detail We All Unfairly Ignored
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

Talk about attention to details!

Can you imagine giving your all to something that would barely even get screen time in the final cut? Well, the Good Omens ' art department doesn't need to. Let us tell you a little story about a seemingly unimportant... sink.

Yep, just a sink, which an eagle-eyed fan could spot in the first season of the Amazon Prime show about demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale. The latter is an owner of one precious book shop; bored with all things divine, Aziraphale genuinely enjoyed the little things on Earth, and the said sink was among them...

Until it was burned to ashes in the season 1 finale with the rest of the bookshop.

However, it never meant that the book shop would no longer appear in the show. Literally risen like a phoenix from the ashes, it made a triumphant return — turns out, some of its details also did!

TV graphic designer Mickey Ralph rolled out an X (formerly Twitter) thread on how the art department tried to resurrect the very sink that was burned in the first season.

"In ep2 of S1 we see it for a [brief] few seconds with Gabriel and Sandalphon. It was gorgeous. Hand-painted tiles all inset into the dark wood setting and original porcelain sink," the designer recalled. "No biggie though, right? We’ll just find another one for S2, right? Wrong. No we won’t. Could a replica set be found literally anywhere? No. Similar, yeah sure, but not the SAME. The tiles were never right. And we wanted to be MIRACULOUS for the fans, we wanted to be PERFECT."

And boy was it perfect! Because the art department took their time to replicate the sink meticulously and basically bring it back to life.

The saddest part is that it received little to no screen time in the second season. Only in a short press clip from Radio Times did the sink receive a second of spotlight; but still, the dedication of Good Omens' art department is so huge that Neil Gaiman himself, the creator of the series, gave a shoutout to them in his account.

Now that the sink (and the art department) enjoys the stardom it deserves, Good Omens fans can't help but squeal from joy, inspired by the amount of love that went into the show. If this is not heartwarming, we don't know what is.

Currently, Good Omens is in some sort of a limbo, if we may — mainly due to the ongoing writers' and actors' strikes. Gaiman, for his part, indicated that he is more than ready to begin working on season 3, but so far, Amazon has not announced the renewal.

Both seasons of Good Omens are available for streaming on Prime Video.