Misha Collins Reveals Epic (And Slightly Uncomfortable) Two-Face Transformation

Misha Collins Reveals Epic (And Slightly Uncomfortable) Two-Face Transformation
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's only slightly uncomfortable if you don't have claustrophobia. If you do, it's almost terrifying.

Supernatural alum Misha Collins, who portrays Harvey Dent in upcoming show Gotham Knights, has revealed a sneak-peek at his character — or at the way he is created by the make-up team... and it looks kind of creepy.

Collins decided to kick off the year 2023 with a short video of his transformation into Two Face, sharing the clip on social media to have fans hyped up for the show. Turns out there is plenty of assiduity — and courage — needed for Dent to be brought to screens.

Collins' effort drew a lot of appreciation from fans, who said the transformation was "painful to watch" and voiced hope that the actor will not have to undergo the same procedure over and over again.

The video appears to confirm that Collins' Harvey Dent will in fact appear as Two Face in Gotham Knights, even though the actor only showed his character before scarring. In the clip, Collins' upper lip is propped up, clearly indicating that Gotham Knights is set to stick to the comic arc of Harvey Dent.

It looks like the show will feature Collins' Dent getting transformed even though in the series reality, Batman is already dead. The series will explore Bruce Wayne's adoptive son, portrayed by Oscar Morgan, teaming up with the children of Batman's enemies and fighting to clear their names as they are being framed for killing Wayne.

While most of the fans are really excited to see Collins in Gotham Knights, some are pessimistic, saying that the show should be canceled before it even airs – if only because The CW is being sold and the new owners clearly do not want superheroes anymore. It's a distinct possibility that Gotham Knights is going to be canceled after one season on air despite the show turning out to be great. As of now, Gotham Knights still doesn't have a release date.