Natalia Dyer's Unexpected Talent Kept Joseph Quinn Amused

Natalia Dyer's Unexpected Talent Kept Joseph Quinn Amused
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Count those talents!

If you tell us you never dreamed of joining the Stranger Things cast when you looked through their behind-the-scenes photos and videos, we will simply never believe you. In the wake of the recent bombshell season 4 premiere, the Stranger Things frenzy is back again — and it brings new beloved heroes to the fandom.

One such person is Joseph Quinn, whose Eddie Munson quickly stole the hearts of the show's fans. A lovable nerd and a charismatic outcast, he unfortunately was killed off in the season finale — to the great disappointment of the entire fandom.

However, the mere opportunity to join the Stranger Things cast was memorable for the actor as he mused on how "lucky" he was to work on the show and shared some of the sweet moments on set.

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In fact, it turned out that there was one thing that kept Quinn amused during the season 4 shooting — and it was Natalia Dyer's unexpected handiness when it comes to Photoshop.

"I got very lucky with the group I got to work with. Everyone's funny. Everyone is silly. Natalia is pretty handy with photoshop, so we would float some silly pictures around – they kept us amused," Quinn told SID magazine.

It's not very surprising that Dyer is so handy with Photoshop as she is clearly an artistic and creative person (duh). She is currently enrolled in New York University, studying on the Faculty of Arts.

Neither Dyer nor Quinn are overly active on social media, but the footage from the Stranger Things set shared by other actors — particularly by Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, or Gaten Matarazzo — implies that actors often have fun in between takes.

Still, imagine how much fun would it be to see those "silly pictures" that Quinn mentioned in his interview...