Netflix's 'Heartstopper' Critics Rating Is Ridiculously High

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Looks like Netflix just got its next big YA hit, with 'Heartstopper' earning rave reviews from critics.

Currently boasting an incredible 100% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes, teenage LGBTQ+ rom com could become a new cult series akin to 'Sex Education'.

Many critics praised show's realistic portrayal of first love, with AV Club's Saloni Gajjar concluding that "'Heartstopper' aces this portrayal of the bashful hope and gutting anxiety that accompanies young love." However, don't take the series as a serious drama. According to The Guardian's Rebecca Nicholson, "The 'Heartstopper' may not live up to the dramatic promise of its title, but this charming teen romance is at least heartwarming."

Tender, light atmosphere of the series warmed the hearts of many critics, with Lovia Gyarkye of The Hollywood Reporter claiming that "'Heartstopper's dulcet tone is addictive," while The Queer Review's James Kleinmann described the show as "feel-good, without being contrived, or ignoring any of the challenges of coming of age as an LGBTQ teen."

Digital Spy's David Opie said something that many fans of the show are thinking right now – "I'm so grateful that 'Heartstopper' exists."

'Heartstopper' will likely become a new Netflix's big hit, with Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score skyrocketing to 99%.

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