Netflix Teases Character Death in Its Show... And 'Stranger Things' Fans Think It's About Them

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Oops, wrong show.

With 'The Umbrella Academy' season 3 premiering on Netflix on Wednesday, the streaming platform turned away from 'Stranger Things' for a while to promote the dysfunctional superhero family show.

In its promotional campaign, Netflix turned out to be quite straightforward, using Allison Hargreeves' catchphrase "I heard a rumor" to announce that someone is going to die in 'The Umbrella Academy'.

What Netflix didn't clarify was the name of the show, apparently believing that everyone would be able to get the reference to Allison's superpower. But it turns out that many 'Stranger Things' fans were triggered by the promo, thinking that Netflix was hinting at deaths in Volume 2 of their show.

Already anxious enough about the threats looming in Volume 2, 'Stranger Things' fans yet again started to speculate as to who is most likely to die in the season 4 finale, leaving 'The Umbrella Academy' folks to explain that this is not about them.

It's understandable that 'Stranger Things' fans are so easily triggered: just days ago, Noah Schnapp, who portrays Will Byers in the show, casually teased that there will be at least one death in Volume 2. It's not like fans were hoping that the Duffer brothers were going to spare them this time, but Schnapp's remarks certainly did not make it easier for them.

'The Umbrella Academy', however, does not seem to be any more comforting, with the level of family drama and apocalyptic adventures only going up in the new season. It is streaming on Netflix right now, released on June 22.

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