‘New Game Of Thrones’ Premieres In Two Weeks And You’re Not Even Aware

‘New Game Of Thrones’ Premieres In Two Weeks And You’re Not Even Aware
Image credit: HBO, FX

FX and Hulu’s upcoming limited series Shogun premieres on February 27, and it’s already called the “new Game of Thrones.” Here’s what you need to know about it.


  • The upcoming FX and Hulu series Shogun is already being called the “new Game of Thrones.
  • Set in 17th century Japan, Shogun will follow a British sailor, a powerful daimyo, and a samurai woman entangled in the local power struggles.
  • Shogun will premiere on February 27, 2024 on Hulu, Disney Plus, and FX.

It’s been almost five years since the finale of Game of Thrones, and the world is yet to see another TV show as grand and hypnotizing. Fortunately, its successor is admittedly premiering in just two weeks: it’s called Shogun, and it’s already being crowned as the new Game of Thrones, if a little prematurely.

What Is Shogun About?

Brought to us by Hulu and FX Productions, Shogun is a new historical drama show set in 17th century Japan. The series revolves around three main characters: John Blackthorne, an adventurous British sailor whose ship wrecks in the Japanese waters; Lord Yoshii Toranaga, an ambitious and imperious daimyo who aims to increase his power; and Lady Toda Mariko, a mysterious dishonored female samurai.

Both Blackthorne and Mariko prove invaluable for Lord Toranaga’s complicated schemes as he plots to crush his enemies and grow more power, and for the British sailor, his arrival to Japan becomes a point of no return as he decides to find his place there. Full of blood, betrayals, and political intrigues, Shogun received warm welcome by the early critics and reviewers.

What Do We Know About Shogun?

The new mini-series is based on James Clavell’s historical fiction novel Shōgun, brought to screens by writers Rachel Kondo (Girl of Few Seasons) and Justin Marks (Top Gun: Maverick). Cosmo Jarvis, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Anna Sawai will star in the show as John Blackthorne, Yoshii Toranaga, and Toda Mariko, respectively.

The show is loosely based on the real story of the British sailor William Adams who served daimyo Tokugawa Ieyasu and became his samurai. Shogun consists of ten episodes and presumably won’t be renewed for further seasons since it’s created as a mini-series. It premiers on February 27, 2024 on Hulu, Disney Plus, and FX.