New Harry Potter Project to Launch Next Year, Before HBO's TV Show

New Harry Potter Project to Launch Next Year, Before HBO's TV Show
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Here’s something no Potterhead will ever want to miss out on.


  • Before HBO’s upcoming Harry Potter TV show, another magical project will be released in 2025.
  • Audible and Pottermore are working on a new format for the iconic story that we call audio movies.
  • The new audio movies will follow the books with professional voice acting, musical scores, and real world sound capture.

Dear Potterheads, as a community, we might just be standing on the edge of another golden era. With HBO currently developing the brand new TV show following the events of the original books, we’ll get another seven years of content starting from 2025/2026, at least; but apparently, the Wizarding World never sleeps, and there are other upcoming projects that’ll change our perspective of the well-familiar series.

Harry Potter to Introduce an Entirely New Format

Currently, there are plentiful options available for those eager to return to Hogwarts. You can read the original book or listen to their audio versions; play Harry Potter video games; visit filming locations or thematic parks in person; and then some more. But it’s about time a new way of enjoying the franchise was introduced, right?

That’s exactly what Amazon’s Audible and Pottermore Publishing thought, too.

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Coming near the end of 2025, we have a brand new project: Harry Potter audio movies. Imagine the original books turned into a movie perfectly line by line; then, remove the picture — and you’ll get it. With over 100 voice actors, real world sound capture, and a new musical score, the upcoming audio movies will introduce an entirely new way of enjoying the iconic franchise.

Harry Potter Audio Movies Win Over Other Formats

In the eyes of avid Harry Potter fans, the new Audible x Pottermore project might just turn out to be the best thing that’s happened to the franchise. Seeing how it’s likely to be released before the upcoming HBO TV show, the audio movies will create not exactly a competition, but a tough-to-match comparison to the live-action adaptation.

Why would we even say that, you may wonder?

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Audio movies will include too many positive sides of various formats. They’ll diligently follow the books line-by-line, have professional voice acting, original music, and real-world sounds. That’s like if a movie was 100% faithful to the original — but then again, you can take such a story anywhere with you only missing the picture!

Don’t know about you, but we already have our 2025/2026 Christmas all Marauder-Mapped out.

Source: Harry Potter via YouTube