New Jada Pinkett Smith Revelation Makes 'The Slap' Even More Embarrassing

New Jada Pinkett Smith Revelation Makes 'The Slap' Even More Embarrassing
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In light of the new details that Jada and Will Smith have been secretly separated for seven years, last year's Oscars disaster seems utterly pointless.

The 94th Academy Awards in 2022 wouldn't have been memorable at all if it weren't for one particular incident that went viral on social media.

After host Chris Rock made a rather edgy joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's bald head, her husband Will Smith launched into an angry tirade, and then came on stage to slap Rock in the face.

This event, now known as "The Slap" or "The Slappening," made a huge splash on the Internet, instantly sparking countless jokes and memes, as well as debates about who was in the wrong in this situation.

While Rock's joke may have been in poor taste, some fans thought Will's response was a bit of an overreaction, especially considering that Jada had previously confessed to cheating on him with their son's friend.

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However, her recent interview with People made the whole thing even more embarrassing for her husband, as Jada revealed that they had been secretly separated for six years at the time of the Oscars disaster.

According to the actress, they are "still figuring it out" and have been doing a lot of work together, but still love each other deeply.

As for "The Slap" itself, Jada was convinced it was nothing more than a comedy bit until the very last moment, when her husband delivered a blow to the host's face.

These new details are likely to further fracture the public's already mixed perception of Will, as fans wonder what the point of such a violent reaction was anyway if the two aren't really together anymore.

Some even went so far as to accuse Jada of narcissism and throwing her husband under the bus in order to create another controversy that would help her promote her new book.

It must be pointed out that most personal relationships are complicated, with celebrities being no exception, and all the details will most likely never be known to the general public.

But in light of this update, it sure seems like one of the most controversial public events of the past year happened for practically nothing.

Source: People