New Role & Dior Deal: Is Johnny Depp's Career Back Up and Running?

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In the courtroom, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star claimed that his ex-wife's op-ed about alleged domestic abuse had ruined his career. How are things going now?

With his Dior deal renewed, and new role of controversial King Louis XV in 'Jeanne du Barry' looming on the horizon, it looks like Johnny Depp might be back on track after being mired in a defamation scandal with his ex-spouse Amber Heard.

The filming for the upcoming Maïwenn's historical love story is underway in France. As fans have checked out the first still from the movie, they welcome the actor back in the industry and celebrate his range.

"Johnny Depp can go from playing an evil wizard to a French king and we'll all just be like yup that's just Johnny Depp as if it's a normal thing for an actor to have that type of range." – @JusticeSquad2

Meanwhile, TMZ has reported that Dior offered Depp a 7-figure deal for the actor to yet again star in a campaign for Sauvage fragrance.

Still, the repercussions after the bombshell defamation trial are nowhere near the end. New unsealed document from the court emerged in the media and claiming that Depp sought to submit Heard's nude photos as evidence, suffered from erectile dysfunction and refused to wear a mask during Heard's deposition. The new allegations prompted some celebrities un-liking Depp's celebratory Instagram post, even though the public opinion still remains to largely favor him.

In Twitter threads, defenders of both Heard and Depp continue to clash in merciless arguments. Some claim that Depp "manipulated" Heard in order to win the case, others insist that it was still him who was the victim of abuse and not her.

"To whoever this may apply to: no one was "manipulated" by Johnny Depp. You didn't do your research because you saw a misogynistic trend of dehumanising a woman and thought it'd be fun to pile on. You are not a victim. Take accountability." – @kennyisanomega

However, although some things (like the role of Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts saga) are never coming back to Depp, it seems that he and his career is more or less safe from being "cancelled". At the same time, his ex-wife is still a part of the Aquaman sequel that outraged Depp defenders demanded her to be booted from by launching a petition on and garnering thousands of signatures.

With the buzz around the Depp v Heard scandal still ongoing, there might be more to the drama than has already surfaced — even as Depp enjoys his return to the industry and Heard remains a part of 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom'.

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