New Superman and Lois Were Predicted Way Before James Gunn Was Even Hired

New Superman and Lois Were Predicted Way Before James Gunn Was Even Hired
Image credit: Legion-Media

While we were out here trying to get scoops and take educated guesses about the Superman: Legacy main cast, this Twitter user predicted it three whole years ago!

Since James Gunn 's new DC Universe is set to start off with Superman: Legacy, all eyes in the industry were set on his ongoing casting for the movie.

After Henry Cavill 's involuntary exile from the Superman franchise, the new Man of Steel was a huge deal — the chosen actor will be playing the iconic character for years to come.

Weeks of anticipation, scoops, and guesses passed, and James Gunn finally revealed the new Clark Kent and Lois Lane: David Corenswet will put on the red cape, and Rachel Brosnahan will pick up the iconic reporter's pen.

The revelation came as a surprise, and the fans' reactions vary significantly with some of them congratulating the actors on booking the most important roles in the new DC Universe and others calling Gunn out for replacing Henry Cavill with his younger and thinner lookalike for "no good reason."

But this is not the main shocker about the new Superman: Legacy cast.

The real shocker is that both of these actors were in fact predicted to take over these roles almost three years ago, way before James Gunn even set foot in the DC main office!

"A Superman reboot starring David Corenswet as Superman, and Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane. Let it be linked to the Matt Reeves Batman franchise (not directly, just in the same universe)," wrote Twitter user KunaliB back on December 1, 2020.

Despite Superman: Legacy not being linked to Matt Reeves Batman, such an accurate prediction is still insane.

DC fans are going crazy in the comment section under KunaliB's original tweet accusing them of time travel abuse or praising them for somehow fan-casting the exact two actors James Gunn himself would choose.

It would be even funnier if it turned out that KunaliB somehow ended up being a casting director for Superman: Legacy and simply making their long-time dream come true.

But so far, all we know is that some random DC fan looked three years into the future and predicted the new Man of Steel and Lois Lane too accurately for conspiracy theorists' comfort.