Newest and Best: 5 Shows of Past 10 Years with Rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score to Stream on Netflix

Newest and Best: 5 Shows of Past 10 Years with Rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes Score to Stream on Netflix
Image credit: Netflix

Only the freshest of the fresh.

Netflix is gradually moving away from the quantity of content to its quality. By continuing to support foreign producers and independent studios, the streaming service has managed to fill its library with interesting projects, some of which have even earned the highest rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

1. Heartbreak High, 2022-...

Heartbreak High is a reboot of the 1994 Australian cult series. The show tells about high school students who create a map showing all the sexual relationships in the school. When the principal and teachers find out about the map, they force the students to take a sex education class.

In style, plot and raised topics, Heartbreak High resembles a mixture of Sex Education and Euphoria. The project pays a lot of attention to the problem of drugs and alcohol in high school, but the Australian series is closer to reality.

Heartbreak High cannot be called an innovative or groundbreaking series that radically changes ideas about sex education. But it definitely deserves attention and positive reviews for its accurate and timely dialogue about one's personal life.

2. Travelers, 2016-2018

In the future, humanity has almost destroyed itself. However, there is a way out – to change the past and prevent a catastrophe. This can be done with the help of technology that allows you to send the consciousness of people of the future into the past.

At the center of the series' events is a small cell of "travelers" led by Traveler 3468, who happens to be transferred into the body of FBI agent Grant MacLaren.

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While Showcase released the first season of Travelers one episode a week, Netflix released the entire season at once and did exactly the right thing. Not every show benefits from binge-watching, but Travelers was clearly made with Netflix viewers in mind, and as such, the show offers a dramatic and dynamic narrative.

Since the producers obviously didn't have a lot of money, the show doesn't have high-quality special effects. However, the show keeps the viewers’ attention by presenting the main characters with new problems that they must solve immediately in order not to fail in their extremely important mission.

3. House of Ninjas, 2024-...

The story centers on the Tawara family – all of its members are ninjas. But six years ago they lost their eldest son on a mission, and since then they have retired and are trying to live a normal life.

Each family member grieves differently, and some miss their spy past. After a mass poisoning on a cruise ship, a secret agency demands that the Tawara family return to duty. At the same time, a journalist investigates the case – and stumbles upon a new religious cult.

House of Ninjas is a mix of thriller, mystery, action, drama and comedy. The show raises many philosophical issues, including the question of self-identity and separation from family.

4. Arcane: League of Legends, 2021-...

Arcane is an animated series based on the universe of the popular League of Legends. However, the popularity of the game still discourages potential viewers who fear that they need to know the context of the video game to watch it. This is not true, of course.

Arcane works well as a standalone project: a brilliantly animated blockbuster about blood ties, past mistakes, and class divisions that recalls Avatar: The Last Airbender (not to be confused with the Netflix adaptation) in its thoughtful world-building and attention to detail. Which, as we know, is the highest compliment a modern animated series can receive.

5. Blue Eye Samurai, 2023-...

Blue Eye Samurai is a historical fiction about a samurai Mizu, half Japanese, half European, who sets out on a path of revenge. The plot of the series is inscribed in a real historical setting – the action takes place in Japan, closed from the outside world in the mid-17th century.

Blue Eye Samurai is a true adult animation, designed to be an emotional rollercoaster experience. It is also one of those shows that you can’t help but binge-watch. It has it all – unique characters, high-quality animation in an exotic setting, and inventive fights that would make Korean action movies jealous.