Newest Teen Wolf Movie Clip Has Fans Worried About Derek

Newest Teen Wolf Movie Clip Has Fans Worried About Derek
Image credit: MTV

The series ended years ago, but some things just don't change, apparently.

Paramount+ released the newest clip from Teen Wolf: The Movie, celebrating the release date announcement at NYCC with some precious dad!Derek & Eli moments and a pretty intense Allison's comeback. The whole scene with Derek and Allison fighting each other was nerve-wrecking and left fans seriously worried for Derek's general wolflihood.

The scene reaches its climax with Derek on the floor, shot by Allison's arrow and covered in his own blood, desperately crawling for his life. If it sounds familiar, it's because we've already seen a scene almost like that in season 1, when Peter Hale have beaten the living hell out of his nephew in the hospital; and again in season 3, with the Alpha pack; and again in… Well, you get it. No wonder that some Teen Wolf fans are now seriously worried that Derek will end up dead – if only just for the sake of upping the stakes and adding more drama and darkness to the story.

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While Teen Wolf apparently isn't Teen Wolf without Derek being subjected to some pain or torture, the chances of him actually dying are not that high. However, we can assume that Derek's going to be badly hurt, judging by some scenes already included in the teaser-trailer and NYCC clip: after all, with Tyler Hoechlin being perpetually busy on Superman & Lois set, Teen Wolf writers surely needed some way to explain why his character isn't in the movie all that much.

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The general consensus is that nobody is "crazy enough" to kill off Tyler's character for good, seeing how there's still a chance one Teen Wolf movie will lead to a couple more or maybe even the series renewal. And if we look closely at the first teaser-trailer, there's a scene there that looks like a straight continuation of Derek's misadventures in the clip: when him and Eli are both turning around, a scar on Derek's neck, likely left by Allison's arrow, is visible enough. So at least we know (sort of) that Derek's not going to die from that particular wound.

Teen Wolf: The Movie premieres on Paramount+ January 26, 2023.