Newest Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Update Leaves Fans Devastated

Newest Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Update Leaves Fans Devastated
Image credit: Paramount

The final episodes won't be out for a while.


  • Season 5, Part 1 of Yellowstone ended a year ago, and fans have faced numerous delays since then.
  • A new update from Paramount Network has provided a specific release window, but the release won't happen anytime soon.
  • However, Taylor Sheridan 's franchise will get two new series.

Created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, Yellowstone became one of the most important series on modern television during its 5-year run. A frank, gritty crime drama with a neo-western flavor set in the picturesque landscape of Montana, it proved to be an incredibly compelling story whose continuation is eagerly awaited by millions of viewers around the world.

For the past year, fans have been greeted only with disturbing news of conflicts and disputes involving Kevin Costner, as well as endless delays, largely due to the recently concluded WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. But we are in for another disappointing update, dear Yellowstone fans, as the final chapter of the Duttons' story will not be released anytime soon.

Where Season 5 Part 1 Ends

There are two storylines that threaten to bring the 150-year history of the Dutton family to an end. First, not only the Duttons themselves, but also their family ranch, which is a character in its own right and the main motive for all the main characters' activities, may come to a tragic end. John is faced with the problem of an outbreak of a dangerous virus, brucellosis, among some of his cattle, and in order to keep the animals healthy, Costner's character has to move them for a while, leasing some land in Texas. However, this threatens to ruin the family.

Second, Beth and Jamie are still pointing knives at each other. Jamie is plotting an impeachment against John, while the half-sister who hates him is trying to convince the Dutton patriarch to dump the one at the train station. At the same time, Jamie is determined to respond to Beth in the harshest possible terms. Passions are running high, and the culmination could be a tragic clash of the Dutton family.

Devastating Update Revealed to Fans

But we'll have to wait another year to see the conclusion on our screens. Although the release of the second half of Season 5 was originally scheduled for Fall 2023, actors and writers' strikes delayed production, which was further complicated by Kevin Costner's apparent departure from the project.

Now, Paramount has announced a clear release date: unfortunately, it has been pushed back to November 2024.

What Else Is Known About Season , Part 2?

Not much is known about the upcoming episodes. We do not know if Costner will return to the series. The actor is currently working on his feature-length western franchise Horizon. He was also unhappy with the payment for both halves of Season 5, and there were creative differences due to Costner wanting John to have an ending that would be satisfactory for the actor.

In addition, it appears that Part 2 will have 6 episodes, but Sheridan himself has repeatedly stated that it is up to him.

There Is Some Good News, Though

'Within five years, we grew Yellowstone from a hit U.S. cable show with five million viewers into a global hit franchise with over 100 million fans around the world and multiple extensions – and, we're just getting started,' Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks, said.

'On the heels of 1883 and 1923's success, our new planned spinoffs, 1944 and 2024, will take audiences on a thrilling, new and unexpected journey with the complex and compelling storytelling that has become a hallmark of the franchise and has helped turn it into a worldwide cultural phenomenon – thanks to the creative mastermind of Taylor Sheridan.'

All released seasons of Yellowstone can be watched on the Paramount Network (both via the official website and streamers like Hulu+ Live TV and YouTube TV), Peacock or purchased on platforms like Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play and Vudu.

Source: Variety.