No Americans Allowed: The Next Bond Should Be British, Says Ex-007's Son

No Americans Allowed: The Next Bond Should Be British, Says Ex-007's Son
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A world in which Bond comes from America is not a true world.

With a big movie franchise comes a big responsibility. You can't just make an iconic movie with a random actor as the lead (even if he is an A-lister). That's almost the most important thing about the James Bond movie.

With another movie in the franchise on the way, the buzz around its star, the actual new Bond, is at an all-time high.

Daniel Craig made his fifth and final appearance as James Bond in 2021. And his departure from the franchise has fans speculating about who will fill his shoes next.

And some news is already coming to light. As Geoffrey Moore, the son of former James Bond Roger Moore (who played Bond from 1973 to 1985), mentioned, the next actor should definitely be English, as the character is.

In an interview with The Express, he even said that giving the role of Bond to an American actor would be a shame and, frankly, ridiculous.

Sure, he understands that an actor's background doesn't define his talent. But the fact that the movie is an English franchise makes the request really reasonable.

Well, actually, Moore's statement does make sense if you think about it. But the truth is that there have only been two Englishmen playing the role before: the older Moore and Craig.

And the rest of the iconic Bonds were Sean Connery, a Scotsman, Roger Lazenby, an Australian, Timothy Dalton, a Welshman, and Pierce Brosnan, an Irishman.

So why raise the question of the actor's background now? When there were certainly precedents for Bond not being English?

Well, with the movie coming soon, there still have not been any particular names for the role yet. So maybe the creators of the movie will listen to what Moore has in mind.

It's not like he is a nobody for the franchise.

Source: The Express