Not Dead Yet: 10 Unfinished TV Shows That Aren't Canceled (Officially)

Not Dead Yet: 10 Unfinished TV Shows That Aren't Canceled (Officially)
Image credit: The CW, BBC One

A hiatus is a very scary status for a show, especially if it's indefinite. Most of the time, the shows that ended up in this limbo feel like they've been already canceled, even if the officials didn't actually confirm that. The time flew by, but we still remember the shows that weren't finished but didn't see any continuation in years.

Some shows end up in this weird stand-by state because the showrunners are busy with their other projects, or the studio executives nudge them in the direction of other things, prioritizing it over the projects that have already gotten a fanbase wishing for a return of a beloved series.

Others were (and still are) delayed by the negotiations between the networks and the teams creating them inspired by the recent strikes.

One of the interesting examples is Taboo starring Tom Hardy: the show didn't become as popular as its creators hoped, but it wasn't openly canceled, and no news about the filming of the second season was released.

Maybe the studio believes that other Hardy's projects will reignite the interest in the dark and violent story set in the 19th century and they just wait for the right moment to strike?