Not Just 'Jurassic World Dominion': 3 More Films To See This June

Not Just 'Jurassic World Dominion': 3 More Films To See This June
Image credit: Legion-Media

The first month of summer is finally upon us, and moviegoers are in for a lot of exciting premieres.

As the huge blockbusters prepare to break box office records, the smaller films coming out in the upcoming three hot months are usually left in the shadows. Thus, the three films mentioned below certainly demand more attention than hugely anticipated 'Lightyear ' and 'Dominion'.

Here are 3 films worth seeing this June:

Crimes of the Future – June 3 (dir. David Cronenberg)

The Canadian horror maestro returns in glorious form with a creepy story about an artist who grows brand-new organs inside his body to leave audiences completely enthralled. Yes, Cronenberg doesn't shy away from controversial subjects, as the recent Cannes debacle of 'Crimes of the Future' certainly proves. The upcoming film with Viggo Mortensen as the tormented artist and Lea Seydoux as his partner and muse will certainly scare some viewers, but if you're looking for a thrill, this insane auteur project will definitely suit your taste.

Spiderhead – June 17 (dir. Joseph Kosinski)

Chris Hemsworth as a sexy scientist experimenting on Miles Teller should probably be enough to entice viewers to see this sci-fi film from Netflix, but for those still unsure, there's one more important thing – the upcoming film is based on a story by George Saunders, one of our most talented writers. 'Spiderhead' is directed by 'Top Gun 2' helmer Joseph Kosinski, so a classy and confident production is a hundred percent guaranteed. The film will explore the complex and difficult world of the human psyche, and the initially pleasant experiments will very soon turn bloody.

Elvis – June 24 (dir. Baz Luhrmann )

Austin Butler will reprise his role as the legendary singer for Luhrmann's stylishly kitschy film. Get ready for iconic songs, insights into the King's private life and tons of makeup for Tom Hanks. Pairing this incredible music with flashy costumes, sets and millions of screaming fans really does sound like the perfect movie for the director of 'The Great Gatsby'. Critics assure that Butler is phenomenal as Elvis, so perhaps we have a new great Hollywood star in the making right in front of us.