Now That Riddick: Furya is a Go, Will Karl Urban's Vaako Return?

Now That Riddick: Furya is a Go, Will Karl Urban's Vaako Return?
Image credit: Legion-Media

As soon as the dust has settled around the newly released Fast & Furious 10 trailer, beefy action giant Vin Diesel is just around the corner with another piece of news that has great explosive power.

Riddick: Furya is very much alive and kicking!

For a long time, fans of the nihilistic and brutal science fiction series have been waiting for the official announcement of a fourth installment in the franchise about a notorious criminal Riddick, as rumors surrounding it circled for years.

Now they are graced with the confirmation of the production of Riddick: Furya, and confirmation of rough plot details.

As expected, the fourth movie will see titular character journey to his home planet Furya only to find more trouble and that beautifully grim CGI'd action.

Looks like the 20-year-long collaboration between Vin Diesel and director and screenwriter David Twohy is still quite fruitful, as in Riddick: Furya they, and us, will finally explore the origins of the iconic character.

As the anticipation is high, the two better not disappoint. Make no mistake, Riddick is not the only character fans are dying to see again. Yes, Lord Vaako, we're looking at you.

Vin Diesel himself hinted at the prospected Furya movie back in January 2023, as he posted this enigmatic picture on his Instagram:

And if Reddit is any indication, fans are so ready to go the Riddick path once again. And what to they want the most? As the most upvoted reply on Reddit Furya-themed thread says, "Bring back Karl Urban as Vaako."

Fans at large seem to be just "***ing excited... to see Furya, and the Underverse, and Karl Urban with bizarre undead blackhole powers."

No other plot details are know at the moment, and neither do fans know whether they will get to see Karl Urban's fan favorite Vaako again. For now fans just "can't wait for this new installment."

David Twohy has been in the series since Day 1, directing Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick. In addition to starring in Riddick: Furya, Diesel will also co-produce it with Samantha Vincent.

Unfortunately, we will still have to be patient, as we are in the pitch black dark as for a release date for this highly anticipated movie.