'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode 5: Is The Grand Inquisitor Returning?

'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Episode 5: Is The Grand Inquisitor Returning?
Image credit: Legion-Media, Disney+

Rupert Friend's villain was unexpectedly stabbed by his own Inquisitor, Reva, but it seems that his wound was not fatal after all.

Going into the 6-episode miniseries, many fans assumed that the scary-looking Grand Inquisitor would be the main villain of the entire show, so imagine their surprise when the pale bad guy was seemingly killed off by Moses Ingram ’s Reva in the second episode. Reva eventually gained the role of the Grand Inquisitor herself, but her success didn't last long. Episode 5 finally revealed her origin story: it turned out that she was one of the Jedi younglings ambushed by stormtroopers in Episode 1. Despite serving under Darth Vader, Reva had a deep hatred for him because of that massacre, so Kenobi's offer to betray her master seemed the smartest thing for her to do.

Although Reva waited for the perfect moment to stab Vader in the back, she failed, and was disarmed and struck down with her own sword. And as if that wasn't enough, Friend’s Grand Inquisitor made his glorious entrance in front of a bloodied Reva, proving that he had managed to survive his gut wound after all. The fans were clearly shocked by this unexpected reveal, noting how well-timed it was.

"I love how sassy Grand Inquisitor is lmao. Also apparently surviving a lethal cauterization to the gut and your organs being melted by being angry enough is applicable for anyone now," – /excalea.

But since the Grand Inquisitor survived his deadly wound, fans are more than sure that Reva will survive hers as well, which makes the whole scene pretty useless.

"I'm kind of disappointed that wasn't a mortal wound for Reva, a lightsaber through the torso appears to be about 99% fatal in star wars media," – /Vulpinox.

Obi-Wan Kenobi ’ finale is slated to arrive on Disney + on June 22.