One Criminal Minds Couple That Still Doesn't Make Any Sense

One Criminal Minds Couple That Still Doesn't Make Any Sense
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Fans still try to figure out how it happened.

There are a plethora of reasons to love Criminal Minds if you are into crime drama and live to see another mystery solved.

Of course, it wouldn't be as enjoyable without some complicated characters and relationships between them that perfectly show the dynamics in the group.

Although the series is usually praised by both fans and critics for its writing, there are some stories that have left a bad taste in the mouths of viewers.

For example, there is a couple that fans feel should never have happened. Their story started out as a little workplace crush that Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) admitted to JJ Jareau (A.J. Cook) all the way back in season 1.

It was sweet and innocent, and nothing ever came of it, so fans were assured that any feelings that might have been there had passed.

However, 14 years later, the story was brought back in what seems to be the worst way possible.

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By this time, both Spencer and JJ have been through a lot and have managed to form a strong friendship, an almost familial bond.

No wonder JJ's confession in the season 14 finale was jarring and absolutely unwelcome by the majority of viewers.

For someone who had the strong, caring presence of a mother-friend or an older sibling who was always there to help, such a change was too out of character and made fans cringe rather than feel anything for her.

Not to mention that by this time JJ was in love, happily married and with children by her partner Will.

Instead of receiving sympathy from the audience, the Criminal Minds writers received only a few raised eyebrows and many angry Reddit threads commenting on the decision.

While some in the fandom feel that this storyline was a poor attempt at fanservice, others feel that it left more people disappointed than excited.

There are plenty of examples of writers deciding to go back to the old flames and reboot the romance from the beginning of the show, but in the case of JJ and Spencer, there was no real romance to begin with.

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The 16th season, Criminal Minds: Evolution, is available to stream exclusively on Paramount Plus.