One Deleted Twilight Scene Is Cringier Than the Entire Saga

One Deleted Twilight Scene Is Cringier Than the Entire Saga
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Remember the good old days when Twilight was peak teen-oriented cinema? Today, it is peak cringe, and we have bulletproof evidence.

The Twilight Saga had its glory days in the 2000s, but after a five-year-long collective lapse in judgment that we all seemed to have, the fascination with the toxic trio began to wane, and we started coming to our senses and realizing how cringe-worthy the franchise was.

Edward's now-iconic declaration of love for Bella as if he were a meth crook is one to remember for future generations.

"Your scent... it's like a drug to me. Like my own personal brand of heroin" is a perfect example of how not to pick up girls, although it worked on Bella. Well, she did not know any better, we guess.

Twilight has some of the cringiest scenes of all time, but nothing compares to this deleted scene. We feel violated just watching it…

In the worst-thing-to-spend-the-movie-budget-on, Bella and her loving boyfriend fall to the ground, and, being the best girlfriend ever that she is, Bella offers Edward "a taste."

When he agrees (because why not), she just sticks her fingers in his mouth and waits for him to bite on them. The explicit ASMR and the chosen angle kind of make it feel like the beginning of an adult movie (and not a good one).

Edward drinks her finger blood (ew!) and calls Bella "a fragile little human." Thank goodness, the deleted scene ends there! We don't think we could stand another second of it.

Twilight fans may not agree on whether Bedward or Jella should have been endgame, but they do agree that this deleted scene should have been "deleted from the deleted scenes."

Honestly, so do we. Some things are just never meant to be seen by the world.

Others point out that "no wonder Robert hated this movie." The real wonder is that Pattinson agreed to do five of them. The money must have been just that good.

Some people hilariously compare Edward and Bella to the real-world happy couple with a similar vibe – Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

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Those two have made us cringe quite a few times, so the reference seems to be on point. Sorry, guys!

Some things are better left unsaid, and some are better left unseen. This scene will live in our heads rent-free, but that is the price we have to pay for our whole Twilight obsession.