One Law & Order: SVU Character Just Got Worse & Worse with Each Season

One Law & Order: SVU Character Just Got Worse & Worse with Each Season
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Is Olivia Benson’s character development really that bad?

Law & Order: SVU has been gracing our screens for years, bringing us thrilling cases and complex characters. One character that has stood the test of time is Olivia Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay.

However, not everyone’s happy with how her character’s evolved over the seasons. Fans of the long-running show shared their opinions surrounding Olivia's character development on Reddit, trying to figure out how she went from a beloved detective to a controversial character.

Olivia Benson started as a senior Detective, working her way up to Sergeant, Lieutenant, and eventually Captain of the Special Victims Unit at the NYPD. With her tragic background, Olivia joined the Police Academy, determined to stop others from suffering like her mom did.

She’s been through a lot, from kidnappings to personal losses, and her relationships with family and colleagues have played a big part in her story. Even with her strong exterior, she’s shown a softer side, especially when dealing with victims.

A Reddit post suggesting that Olivia’s character is getting worse sparked a heated discussion among fans. The original poster is not too happy with Olivia's change in behavior since her promotion, criticizing her for being judgmental and craving control and glory.

Some fans believe that the days when Olivia worked alongside Stabler and Amaro were the best seasons.

The post got mixed responses. Some fans agreed, saying Olivia was always stubborn, but earlier seasons had characters who’d challenge her. Others felt that the writing of the supporting cast had changed, making recent seasons less interesting.

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For many, the series started to feel like the "Olivia Benson Show," with her character overshadowing others. A few fans admitted to preferring other characters like Fin, Munch, and Cragen, as they brought different vibes to the show.

Olivia Benson’s character journey has been quite the ride, and fans are split on whether it’s a good or bad thing. But anyway, Olivia has been with us for so many years. Regardless of differing opinions, she remains an iconic figure not only in the Law & Order franchise, but also in television history.

Source: Reddit