One Question Saltburn's Jacob Elordi Gets Asked The Most (And The Answer)

One Question Saltburn's Jacob Elordi Gets Asked The Most (And The Answer)
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Everything for the shock value.


  • Saltburn is Emerald Fennell's comedy psychological drama that had its festival run through the fall and then was released to wide audiences on November 22, 2023.
  • Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi were cast as the main characters, Oliver and Felix.
  • Elordi admits that the question he gets most about Saltburn is about the craziest fan reactions to the most provocative parts.

If there's one thing that has to get boring for an actor pretty quickly, it's press trips. While it's nice to talk about the project you've been involved in and the effort you've put into it, the crazy short time slots reporters usually have and all the repetitive questions they ask must be exhausting.

When it comes to movies like Saltburn, you don't need any expertise or high level of media literacy to guess what the main point of discussion will be.

Because the film challenges viewers to think outside the box and respond with their primal instincts, it's easy to predict which scenes will get the most attention from both audiences and the media.

Jacob Elordi’s Craziest Saltburn Fan Reaction

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In an interview with Coup De Main Magazine, Jacob Elordi admitted that he was also asked a lot of the same questions during the last press tour he did for Saltburn. It wasn't surprising that the reporters wanted to know how many crazy reactions the actor has seen and how he reacts to them from an actor's point of view.

Despite the repetitive nature of the question, Elordi took the opportunity to give his most genuine answer and share the experience of his own Saltburn screening:

“I went to a screening at Brisbane when it first played and it was unbelievable because everybody was engaged and gasping at the screen and yelling at the screen. And I haven’t been in a movie like that in a really, really long time,” the actor said.

While such reactions to Saltburn's most provocative scenes are entirely understandable and to be expected, the hope is that upon reflection and perhaps a few additional viewings, viewers will be able to see meanings beyond the disturbing setup. For now, the film has already become both a critical and commercial success.

If you haven't seen Emerald Fennell's latest hit yet, you still have a chance to join people in their opinions and share some reactions of your own. Look for Saltburn tickets in your local theaters, or stream the movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Coup De Main Magazine