One Really Dark Detail About Twilight Vampires You Never Noticed

One Really Dark Detail About Twilight Vampires You Never Noticed
Image credit: Legion-Media

At the first glance, the Twilight vampires are not so different from their counterparts in other vampire pieces.

They are dead, they require blood to keep their unlives, they have supernatural abilities that make them superior to humans… But that's not all.

Most people seem to ignore one crucial distinction between the Twilight vampires and most others; and no, it's not another article about how in Twilight, vampires shine bright like diamonds on the sun instead of burning to ashes.

Vampires in Twilight are crystallized. They have the physical properties of stones. Literally.

It must be making their existence far less bearable than vampires in other franchises have. It may sound weird at first but bear with us — and Reddit user ForgetTheWords who opened our eyes regarding this issue.

Other vampires usually go through the drama of being dead (or rather undead).

Sure, this realization has to be terrifying at first, but over time, they realize that the only noticeable changes are that their hearts and lungs don't work anymore. This is something one can definitely (un)live with, right?

Now imagine that you're a sentient being that's turned to stone.

You remain alive (okay, undead, for goodness sake!) but your consciousness is trapped inside a non-organic matter. It has to be utterly terrifying, like being a brain locked in a robot body.

This is a whole different scenario and it must be far more mentally taxing.

For vampires in Twilight, their entire sensory system changes. They can hear and see much more, but their stone bodies interact with the outside world completely differently than before, and all the internal sensations disappear for good.

Emotions and feelings are perceived way more bluntly, too. There are no physiological effects to anything you feel: what is fear, excitement, or arousal without an increased heartbeat, heavy breathing, or body temperature changes?

Do these vampires even feel anything at this point? Can their emotions be even called that if the only thing that happens is their brain remembering how it reacted previously?

Maybe, the situation becomes better over time; maybe, it doesn't. If the latter is true, it must be terrible being a vampire in Twilight. Being stripped of both your life and your feelings can definitely make one regret being immortal in their unlife.