Only Book Fans Know Why This Deathly Hallows Movie Scene Just Doesn't Work

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It's not even because they don't like the idea of romantic tension between Harry and Hermione.

The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies had a lot of questionable moments, but one particular scene has long been a subject of intense debates in the fandom, and it looks like nothing changed these days.

Shortly after Ron throws a tantrum and leaves Harry and Hermione, the duo must somehow continue their perilous journey alone.

However, despite an obviously traumatic experience, the two find a spark of joy and share a dance in their tent to O Children.

For Harry and Hermione shippers, the scene was further proof that there was a spark between the two, while those who do not believe in their romance admitted that the moment was just lovely and heartwarming.

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So what was wrong with the scene? It turns out that you have to be a book fan to understand.

"When I first watched this scene, I absolutely loved it, the bond with them, O Children, Dan trying his best to cheer Emma up. Maybe it was just brilliant acting. But after reading the book, it just wasn't the same. Harry wouldn't have done this in the books. Ron isn't there, Hermione is crushed by the entire thing, and Harry wouldn't do this," Redditor OwlOutrageous5965 said.

According to fans, the book version of Harry would not have been able to comfort Hermione because of his trauma, which fans believe is better described in the books. Besides, the fact that the film crew filmed the scene with a romantic implication also ruins it for book fans.

"But I can't like this scene after reading books and hearing what the directors' true intention was as Emma said there was romantic implication. It was a very bad attempt to sell Harry/Hermione to the audience," Redditor CreativeRock483 said.

Deathly Hallows Part 1 hit screens in 2010, with the second installment arriving one year later and concluding the movie franchise.

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