'Oppenheimer' Set Pics: Cillian Murphy And RDJ Leave Fans Questioning Nolan's Choices

'Oppenheimer' Set Pics: Cillian Murphy And RDJ Leave Fans Questioning Nolan's Choices
Image credit: Legion-Media

Filming of Christopher Nolan's latest film 'Oppenheimer' is in full swing, and the first photos from the set shed light on the looks of Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. in costume.

The film will focus on life and work of the prominent scientist Robert Oppenheimer ( Murphy), nicknamed the "father" of the atomic bomb. After the success of Nolan's previous films 'Dunkirk' and 'Tenet' anticipations are very high for this upcoming period feature.

Thanks to the paparazzi closely following the set, we now have an idea of what the main stars of the film will look like: set pics are available exclusively on Daily Mail website. Looks like 'Peaky Blinders ' star is really trying to emulate his character – he was seen dressed in period-appropriate costume, and his lean figure resembled that of an old man.

Fans were impressed with Murphy's transformation – he really does not look like himself at all. Some people over at Twitter are already poking fun at his looks, comparing him to various famous people and characters. The transformation itself is somewhat questionable, and while some Nolan fans trust his vision completely, others are actively questioning his casting choices.

Robert Downey's grey-haired looks also attracted people's attention, with many users suddenly comparing him to Fred Armisen. Many fans are glad that after ten years of starring in blockbuster movies, the actor is finally back with a serious dramatic performance.

The anticipation for the upcoming film is extremely high, with thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the release.