Out of All X-Men Movies, This One is James McAvoy's Favorite

Out of All X-Men Movies, This One is James McAvoy's Favorite
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James McAvoy who famously inhabited the character of young Professor X in the X-Men franchise has recently opened up on which of the X-Men films is his favorite. In a recent conversation with GQ the actor talked about his most iconic characters.

"First Class is probably my favorite movie," said the Professor X actor of the 2011 film, which followed mutants Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr who united with other mutants to save humanity from a nuclear disaster during the Cold War.

However, according to McAvoy, First Class was definitely not the hardest one to shoot and not the top "in terms of what I got to do as an actor."

"I'd say Days of Future Past was probably the most challenging, the most interesting experience I had as an actor on the X-Men movies," the actor shared.

First Class was the first X-Men movie for James McAvoy, where he took on the role of the mutant telepath and team's founder Charles Xavier, who was also known as Professor X. McAvoy also portrayed the character in X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and had his cameo in Deadpool 2.

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Well, the First Class reviews were generally positive and the franchise fans praised it for being well-acted, intense, packed with action and offering good humor while Professor X was compassionate and true. Lots of fans agree that McAvoy was the perfect fit for the role.

However, a fair share of the MCU fans argue that the film is totally overrated.

The simple reason is that it was not offering anything more than the other X-Men movies, other than the fact that the production team was trying to do their best to conjure up a credible prequel.

One of the MCU fans has shared his frustration with the film saying that his hope was to watch something refreshingly new like it was when Iron Man first hit the screen or the Ant-Man. He also said that the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi still stands out as the best superhero franchise while Nolan's Dark Knight series is a totally different league.

Another commenter says that aside from Michael Fassbender (and to a lesser extent James McAvoy), the movie was pretty much similar to X3 and Wolverine, which is all about random mutants pulled from a variety of X-Men books and tossed together in a story that didn't make much sense.

Some argue that the plot contradicts a lot of the previous X-film lore while others' problem with it was that First Class wasn't very true to the source material.

It is certainly a matter of perception and what the actors feel about the film they're starring in can be totally different to what the fans think of it once it's released.