Outlander Season 6's Biggest Missed Opportunity? Omission of Key Scene Involving Brianna

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It's not uncommon for TV adaptations to change or remove certain plotlines while adjusting the original material to fit the creative vision showrunners have for the series, and Outlander is no exception.

But despite some of those changes being for the better, not all of them are received well by the fandom. In fact, there was one scene in season 6 that was left out, which might very well have been a huge missed opportunity, as some fans weren't happy about this move.

Season 6 of the hit drama is based on the sixth book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series of novels – A Breath of Snow and Ashes. While fans are waiting in anticipation for season 7, which is due to hit the screens this summer, they've had some time to discuss their thoughts about the last season. And as it turns out, there were some unpleasant discoveries regarding the plot points where the show deviates from the source material. Including one important moment between Brianna and Young Ian that was omitted from the series.

In Gabaldon's novels, Brianna and Ian have a closer bond in comparison to the on-screen depiction. And in the sixth book, the two share an emotional moment during their expedition through the woods. Ian confides in Brianna, revealing some details about his time in the Mohawk tribe, including the story of his marriage to Emily and the passing of their daughter. Brianna consoles him and says a prayer to Frank, asking him to protect Ian's daughter.

In the series, on the other hand, Ian told his story in episode 4 to Jamie instead of Brianna. During the conversation, Jamie mentions his departed daughter Faith and invites him to join in with a prayer, asking her to look for Ian's daughter in heaven.

Some fans are upset about this modification because they like how the book delivered such a touching moment between Brianna and Ian that it even made the readers tear up. Although some argue that Jamie and Ian did share a tragic experience of losing a child, which technically may have more grounds for a bonding moment on the show, others wanted to see Brianna connecting with Ian.

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Many speculate that the reason behind this omission is most likely to do with time limitations. However, while fans understand there may be too little time to work everything in, they aren't happy that some other plotlines were chosen over this one.

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