Pedro Pascal Is Not As Fond of Game of Thrones As HBO Fans Are

Pedro Pascal Is Not As Fond of Game of Thrones As HBO Fans Are
Image credit: HBO

The Last of Us star may be collecting the HBO bingo now, but it's not like he's automatically a fan of every project he's worked on.

Pedro Pascal is currently enjoying the spotlight as The Last of Us ' Joel, but Game of Thrones fans remember him as Oberyn Martell in another HBO hit that ended in 2019. While fans absolutely love Pascal's performance on Game of Thrones, the actor himself seems to have a surprisingly strong opinion about the HBO classic.

While taking Variety's lie detector test, Pascal had to reminisce about the good old days in Westeros. However, the interviewer had prepared a sneaky question that the actor did not want to answer at all.

But when asked if he ever found Game of Thrones "a bit of an eyesore," Pascal suddenly agreed. "I found it to be a double eyesore," the actor said, and the lie detector did not deem his response to be a lie.

Pascal's answer has a hidden layer to it, as his character died a brutal death in season 4, having both of his eyeballs gouged out by Gregor Clegane during Tyrion's trial by combat.

Pressed further on Game of Thrones' controversial finale, which Pascal previously called "perfect," the actor refused to answer whether his opinion has changed over time. In the end, the polygraph technician called Pascal's answer "inconclusive."

The way Season 8 ended in 2019 still irks many Game of Thrones fans, who believe the showrunners could have done so much better, but instead "ruined" the story. The fandom even started a petition to reshoot the finale, but the efforts proved fruitless.