Pedro Pascal Made Up A Language On ABC's NYPD Blue (It's A Miracle No One Got Summoned)

Pedro Pascal Made Up A Language On ABC's NYPD Blue (It's A Miracle No One Got Summoned)
Image credit: Legion-Media

We knew the man was talented, but this is the whole other level!

Among many other notable projects Pedro Pascal has done, some may remember him from his younger days and more supporting roles.

You may not remember their names, but Pascal made sure to make them ones to remember with some other traits.

For his role of Dio in the TV show NYPD Blue, for example, he came up with a whole new language and performed it flawlessly on camera.

Not all fans of Pascal will remember NYPD Blue streaming on ABC, as it first aired back in 1993 and continued all the way until 2005.

It was even titled the longest ABC's show, however, the title was later stolen by Grace's Anatomy. Thankfully, even if you missed the show on the air, you can stream it on Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus.

And if you are not interested in watching all 12 seasons of it, YouTube has a compilation of all 4:40 minutes that Pedro Pascal was included in.

Besides standing out with his dark gothic looks and insane accessory game, Dio does not look intimidated by the cops. Quite the opposite, the character puts it on himself to intimidate detectives and make them fear his powers.

While the viewer may think he's reading out something in Latin, the actor himself admitted that the whole thing is made up at the moment.

"I remember thinking "Well, do you have some Latin words that I'm supposed to learn?" and they're like "No, dude, just make it up," he mentioned on the Hot Ones interview, later recreating this scene.

The words of possible curse sounded so believable, it's a true wonder Pascal did not summon any demons neither on the episode of the show nor in the Hot Ones studio.

However, fans can rest assured that their favorite is safe: with all the training that he had to go for his The Mandalorian and The Last Of Us roles, he'd probably improvise an awesome fight as well.