People Side With Chris Rock in Will Smith Oscars Drama

People Side With Chris Rock in Will Smith Oscars Drama
Image credit: Legion-Media

The aftershock of the Will Smith drama during the 94th Academy Award ceremony still continues — apparently, Smith’s scandalous slap of Chris Rock’s face really did just go down in history of the Oscars.

The Will Smith incident indeed got people talking, but it also got them divided into two camps. And it seems like the Chris Rock camp is quite huge, with many observers siding with the comedian and the way he got through the entire situation.

Think about it: you are an Oscars host, a comedian, and you drop a joke. Maybe not the most innocent one; and it seems like this world-famous actor is heading to the stage and things seem bad. He slaps you in your face, while you’re on air on national television. And you just go on with it, remaining professional and even trying to joke.

It seems like people loved that about Chris Rock.

When it comes to Will Smith — well, looks like not everyone is ready to side with him in his extravagant gesture to protect his wife’s dignity.

It seems like Smith is on the verge of being boycotted.

Will Smith made waves on Sunday after he went up on the Oscars stage to slap Chris Rock in the face after the comedian joked about Smith’s wife’s hair condition. Notably, Smith received his very first Oscar just moments later, apologizing for his behavior. However, the incident was doomed to go viral and be perpetuated in countless memes in Twitter threads, and it does not seem to be going away soon.