Pixar Movie Scores Forever Etched in Our Hearts, Ranked

Pixar Movie Scores Forever Etched in Our Hearts, Ranked
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

They make us more than just un poco loco.

Not only has Pixar Animation Studios captured our hearts with dozens of heartwarming stories and adorable characters, but they have also treated us to some of the most unforgettable musical soundtracks in the history of cinema.

Here are some of the best Pixar movie soundtracks that will forever be engraved in our souls.

6. Married Life — Up

Michael Giacchino's ability to convey a lifetime of emotions in a few minutes is on full display in one of Up's most memorable scores. From the joy of marriage to the heartbreak of unfulfilled dreams, this piece accompanies a poignant moment that tells the love story of Carl and Ellie.

5. If I Didn't Have You — Monsters Inc.

In a world of monstrous laughter and scares, Randy Newman's If I Didn't Have You offers a touching contrast. Performed by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, the song's catchy tune and witty lyrics celebrate the heartwarming friendship between Mike and Sully in Monsters Inc. and their unbreakable bond.

4. Un Poco Loco — Coco

2017's Coco revolutionized the animation genre by bringing the vibrant spirit of Mexican culture to the foreground and the catchy Un Poco Loco, written by Germaine Franco and Adrian Molina. Sung by Miguel and Hector, the song is a short but memorable score that bursts with energy, making it a delightful dance-worthy highlight in the middle of the movie.

3. Life’s Incredible Again — The Incredibles

Michael Giacchino's jazzy, up-tempo composition that captures the thrill of rediscovering one's purpose and passion was the artist’s first collaboration with Pixar back in 2004. Showcasing Giacchino's flair for injecting energy into every note, the score perfectly complements the James Bond-like feel of the Parr family’s story.

2. Remember Me — Coco

This signature song, written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, couldn't miss our list. Sung by different characters, the song captures different emotions and makes our hearts skip every time we hear it. From joy to bittersweet moments, it's no wonder the song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Does Remember Me make you shed a tear every time you hear it?

1. You've Got a Friend in Me — Toy Story

Randy Newman's song about friendship is a timeless classic that not only introduced us to the world of Toy Story but also became an anthem for friendship itself. The song's catchy melody and heartwarming lyrics reflect the unbreakable bond between Woody and Andy and have resonated with audiences of all ages, making it a treasured piece of Pixar's musical legacy.