Ranking 5 Outlander Characters You Despise vs. 5 You'd Marry

Ranking 5 Outlander Characters You Despise vs. 5 You'd Marry
Image credit: Legion-Media

In Outlander, at the end of the day, love conquers all and the baddies get their just desserts.

Outlander has this knack for drawing a line as clear as day between the characters fans love to hate and those they just plain love, with no need for wandering through the maze of moral ambiguity.

On one side, you've got a lineup of five characters that fans just can't stand, the kind whose mere appearance on screen is enough to have viewers rolling their eyes or muttering under their breath, characters crafted so well in their villainy or annoyance that you can't help but wish they'd take a long walk off a short pier in the Scottish Highlands.

Then, swing to the other side, and you've got the fan favorites, five characters who are the heart and soul of Outlander, the ones that bring warmth and a sense of rightness to the story, the kind that make fans sit a little straighter and smile a bit wider whenever they grace the screen.

It's this balance, or maybe the lack of it, that gives Outlander its charm, a world where the bad guys are really bad and the good guys are what you tune in for week after week.