'Ray Donovan' Returns? Here's What Liev Schreiber Thinks

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Showtime wrapped up its hit family drama back in 2020, but fans are still clamoring for more, and it looks like Liev Schreiber is seriously considering a return to his role as Hollywood fixer.

The ensemble drama, centered around a depressed Ray Donovan and his attempts to keep both major Hollywood stars and his own family safe, premiered in 2013 and proved to be a much-needed hit for Showtime, successfully filling the void that 'Dexter' left behind. After 7 seasons and a feature film, it seems that everything that can be said about Ray Donovan has already been said, but fans still demand new seasons, arguing that Liev Schreiber is too good an actor to give up his role as this conflicted and complex character.

And it looks like Schreiber has heard the pleas, as he touched on the possibility of reprising his role during a discussion at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (via Variety), reassuring fans who still hope for a sequel to the Donovan saga.

"I would consider it. It was always [longtime Showtime chief] David Nevins' baby. I know he loves this character and this story, and I wouldn't be surprised if we hear more from David," Schreiber said.

But there is a sense that at least part of the fandom is okay with 'Ray Donovan' ending up as a feature film, applauding the finale and all the care with which the characters' narrative arcs have been completed. The end to Ray's story had managed to wrap everything up beautifully, so fans are not even frustrated anymore that the series didn't actually get another season.

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