Red, White & Royal Blue Director Gets Candid on Movie’s ‘Tender’ Sex Scenes

Red, White & Royal Blue Director Gets Candid on Movie’s ‘Tender’ Sex Scenes
Image credit: Amazon Studios

Two hours of pleasure for those who believe in true love.

The new Amazon movie Red, White & Royal Blue was released about a week ago and has already caused quite a stir. The plot of the movie is actually based on a book by Casey McQuiston.

The main characters of the story are Alex, the First Son of the United States, and Prince Henry of the UK. They start out as awkward enemies, not even really knowing what it is that makes them dislike each other.

But as time went by, they started to become friends and even developed feelings for each other. However, they both felt insecure because Alex wasn't sure if he was really that into guys, and Henry was afraid to reveal his true love to Alex.

Yet somehow they managed to get through all that awkwardness and be together. And that was the journey that was worth watching.

“The banter, chemistry and wholesomeness was so there. They totally won me over with the song choice for the museum scene. I bawled my eyes out. For such a plot heavy and lengthy book, I feel they definitely did well at keeping the important stuff,” Reditor auroraborealisdream said.

Matthew López, the film's director, opened up about the amount of work the entire crew put into figuring out the perfect way to show Alex and Henry's intimacy on screen. And what fans saw was the result of months of intense work and careful preparation that involved many more people than just the two actors we see going at it.

“I wanted it to feel tender. I wanted it to be sexy. I also wanted it to operate on a physical logic that leaves no doubt in the audience’s mind, what precisely is happening, at any one moment in the scene. But the most important thing to me is that we captured in their faces the wonder and the newness, and perhaps the fear,” López told Collider.

Of course, with all that work, the director managed to create one of the most beautiful love scenes of all time, focusing on the characters' faces and emotions. And the actors, Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine, did an amazing job showing the chemistry on screen.

So if you haven't seen it yet, go to Prime Video now.

Source: Collider