Reddit Just Found The Perfect Actor To Replace Ezra Miller As Flash

Reddit Just Found The Perfect Actor To Replace Ezra Miller As Flash
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Since the antics and borderline criminal activities of the infamous star clearly do not suit Warner Bros. management, Reddit believes it is time to recast Miller with another, more suitable candidate.

After the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. can no longer remain silent about the behavior of its star. People still haven't come to a consensus, trying to find the best approach to the whole situation, with opinions ranging from dumping 'The Flash ' on HBO Max to recasting Barry Allen completely, and reshooting the whole film with the new actor. While the latter option may be the perfect way for the DCEU to get rid of Miller, this decision will undoubtedly be very expansive for the studio.

In a discussion on Reddit fans decided to find the perfect candidate to play Barry Allen instead of Miller, with many interesting names popping up, including George Mackay, Glenn Powell, and even Andrew Garfield. But one actor turned out to be the most interesting and quite unexpected choice – Logan Lerman.

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"Honestly my pick is Logan Lerman for Barry. I know he's said he wouldn't do superhero movies but I think he's one of the most underrated actors from his generation. I think he could pull off both dorky and confident leader," – /alphomegay.

The 'Percy Jackson ' star is notoriously reluctant to take part in superhero movies, but, given that his career isn't that successful lately, he may want to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity.

However, some fans still believe that the DCEU will not recast Miller at all, arguing that the studio will likely release 'The Flash' earlier and without much fuss than deciding to remake it in its entirety.

"Ya'll gotta realize he aint getting recast because of his contract. The movie is already done shooting. They would have to reshoot the entire movie. They are not doing that. He is literally at least 2 major characters in the film. He's not going anywhere." – /NicklesBe.

'The Flash' is scheduled to premiere on June 23, 2023.